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Top 60 Beautiful Romantic Quotes for him with Images

Top 60 Beautiful Romantic Quotes for him with Images
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Top 60 Beautiful Romantic Quotes for him with Images:- A great list with romantic phrases for him! Beautiful and romantic love phrases to dedicate to your boyfriend. Images with free romantic phrases for SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook.

On this page of our site we have collected beautiful romantic love phrases for him to tell a boy.

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In this section you can find a romantic quotes for a boy to say Love you and express your feeling , so that she best reflects your relationship. It so happens that love breaks your heart and it is very difficult to find the right words to express the full range of feelings and emotions.

Top 60 Beautiful Romantic Quotes for him with Images

In the great variety of beautiful and romantic love quotes for him you can find short, long, Neapolitan quotes, romantic quotes for him, sensual that will help to write a nice message for someone special.

What is love? The most beautiful feeling that makes you fly in the sky, create and create. It has long been known that a man in love is able to roll the mountains. Psychologists affirm that for the fire of love not to be extinguished, it must be constantly maintained. And in this we can help a good sentence written or spoken to your man.

In this section of the site we have not forgotten to include beautiful original love quotes for him that will reflect all your feelings to the full and will surely please you!

Below we present the tickets and images with romantic quotes for him. Write romantic love quotes on a ticket or send them as a message on WhatsApp, Facebook or Viber.

Beautiful romantic love Quotes for him

With the help of this collection of romantic love phrases for him short you can choose a romantic phrase to write it on a ticket or to send it in an SMS. Give beautiful emotions to him and a natural desire when we are in love.


When you are with me, there is no happier person in this world. You are the air I breathe and without which I cannot live even a second. I want you to know it.


I was very afraid of falling in love and so far I have not let anyone enter my soul, but you have melted this ice. I don’t know how you managed to do it.


I bring your sweet taste to my skin, it attracts me to you. And all because I’m really in love for the first time.


I don’t want to smile like crazy at your sight, I would like not to be shy and not to say stupid things, but this is beyond my control. You, as a magician, have power over me.


 I seem to have fallen in love! And I fell in love with an incredibly interesting, intelligent, erudite, handsome, elegant and athletic guy.

Romantic phrases of love for him short

 Seeing you, something strange happens to me. Breathing becomes intermittent, the heart beats, the pulse increases, throws it into heat, and then into cold. All this is accompanied by crazy butterflies floating in my stomach.

 I am living a happy moment because next to me there is the most worthy man on the planet!


 Love, you became my true soul mate, which I was waiting for. I will try to give you the best life in the world!


 You are an incredible, unreal man! It is certainly worthwhile entering the Red Book as an endangered species.


 Guess what I hold in my palm now? My love! I want to give it to you to preserve it. I ask: take care of him. He is very fragile.

Good morning romantic phrases for him

Saying a romantic Good Morning with the help of these phrases for him will no longer be a problem for you. If you are not shy about expressing your feelings for your treasure, the wishes of a pleasant Good Morning will be welcome.


We must not forget that stronger sexes are sensitive and vulnerable creatures that, like women, need tenderness, pleasant emotions.


 Good morning! You know, for you I live and breathe alone! My best hero ever, I dream so much about being near you!


 It’s so nice to open your eyes and know you’re there! Good morning!


 A new day has arrived. I would kiss you but you are far away! Good day!


 My love, the morning has already arrived which means that our love today has become an older and stronger day! Good day to you, honey!


 The day is good only after those nights I spend in your arms. I hope every morning is good for me and I wish you all the same, love!

 I woke up and realized something was missing! It turned out that I miss you terribly! Good day, love!


 Let the highest bar be taken by you today without excessive effort and the workday will fly fast and on a positive note!


 My dearest man in the world! Let your day be made up of pleasant moments, your work will be productive and your thoughts brilliant!


 Don’t think: this is not a simple SMS, but a special love spell for happiness and luck in business! So save it and go ahead with confidence!


 Take my sweet kiss for your luck and let all the problems be solved successfully today!

Postcards and images with Romantic Quotes of love for him

Here you will find beautiful postcards and images with romantic phrases of love for him that can be sent in WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber. Choose an image that is closer to your boyfriend’s character to say in a special way how much you love him.

Romantic goodnight phrases for him

On this page of our site you will find beautiful phrases Goodnight romantic for him to wish a sweet night to your love. The confession of love can be expressed not only with the traditional phrase “I love you”, but also with pleasant words to say Goodnight in a special way.

 My love, for tomorrow I ordered a good mood for you, and to get it you have to go to bed now. So I wish you bright and romantic dreams. See you tomorrow.


 My dear, I want so much to fall asleep in your arms, I want to hear your sweet velvety voice, feel the touch of your strong hands.


 You gave me a lot of happiness, smiles and tenderness. I want us to turn into an ocean, I can’t forget you and I want to meet you in a dream.


 I want to give you a present – this is a sweet dream with my participation!


 You are my joy, my madness and happiness. I am infinitely grateful to fate for the fact that such a bright ray appeared in my life and healed my wounded heart. Thanks for making me happy. Now I’d like to stay with you, hug you, kiss you. Goodnight My Love!


 In the morning, when you wake up everything will be fine. Don’t think about anything, because the guardian angel will protect your dream.


 My kind, affectionate, intelligent and beloved man, I wish you sweet dreams, my protector.


 My happiness, today is another night I will spend without you. But the longer the separation, the happier the meeting will be. Good night, my joy. Sleep sweetly.


 I still feel the taste of your kisses on the lips and I can’t wait for the next meeting. But we must gain strength before the hard day tomorrow, so I go to bed and wish you sweet dreams.


 I was lucky to meet you on this great planet, I am grateful for those happy moments you give me. And now I wish you fantastic dreams, honey!


Beautiful and romantic love phrases for him

We have created a list of beautiful and romantic love phrases for him, knowing that every man wants to hear tender and sincere words spoken with love. But what do you do when you’re away from your love? In this case, you can send text messages with romantic phrases to devote to him.


 Again and night. He lit the stars and scattered them all over the heavenly expanse. I don’t need a bunch of stars. Leave them alone. Let them adorn the sky, illuminating the path of those who are awake and lost. I need you.


 You for me are a jug of water in the desert, a rare sun on the frozen continent, a red sunset at the end of the day!


 May our love candle burn brighter than the sun and let the month vanish in its golden brightness!


 You are a pier for me, where my love boat is ready to moor for all life!


 You are my most important law of gravity and no distance can separate us!


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