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Sweet Good Morning Messages to Her

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Good morning from the morning it seems! So make sure you make the day with your loved one, leaving a sweet and tender message that will make him smile as soon as he wakes up and sees it. There is no nicer feeling than knowing that you are the first thought in your loved one’s mind…

22 sweet messages to send to your other half, instead of a simple and ordinary “Good Morning”!

good morning my love goodmorningimageslove

good morning my love goodmorningimageslove

1. “Good morning beautiful!” It may be a simple message but compliments are always welcome and boost our confidence.

2. “Good morning my love!” The sweetest she can hear morning by morning … A confirmation that she is your love.

3. «Alert! The world’s ‘hottest’ man just woke up . ” This message may sound silly to you, but you can be sure it will make him smile and stimulate his ego.

You're my first thought- goodmorningimageslove

You’re my first thought- goodmorningimageslove

4. “You’re my first thought as soon as I wake up.” This phrase will confirm that it is on your mind from the first minute you wake up. He and no one else.

5. “I know that with you by my side, every day will be full of joy . ” A very sweet message that will make his day beautiful.

6. “I wish you a wonderful day . ” It may seem like a typical message but it shows that you really care about it.

7. “I dreamed of you all night.” This message will make him feel unique, as he monopolizes your dreams.

8. “I count the minutes one by one until we meet.” This message will make you look forward to meeting you.

9. “Good morning! Only the day when I have you in my life can be good . ” With this message you show him how important he is in your life.

10. “If I were there, I would wake you up with a sweet kiss and a great breakfast.” Who doesn’t like to enjoy breakfast or a meal prepared by their loved one?

You missed me at night .

You missed me at night .

11. “You missed me at night . ” With this message you show him how much you would like to spend the night together and make him feel wanted and unique.

12. “I can’t wait for the time to wake up together . ” So you show him how serious you are about your relationship. To be impatient is probably the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

13. “I saw a very nice dream yesterday, but you are the dream come true . ” What a sweeter message than that?

14. “Good morning to the man who makes my wishes and desires come true . ” This message will make him smile and stimulate his ego.

15. “Your t-shirt was so comfortable. How could I sleep last night without it? “ . One of the most beautiful messages!

You missed me at night- goodmorningimageslove

You missed me at night- goodmorningimageslove

16. “I think my pillow hates, because he knows that I want to replace it with your shoulder” . Cute and funny message that will make him hesitate.

17. “Were you a coffee bean in your previous life? Probably yes, because I can’t start my day without you . ” Very clever message, don’t you find?

18. “Good morning. You slept well; Or do they dream of me all night? ” Cute, funny and full of flirting message.

19. “Good morning. The day shows perfectly how about a picnic? “ . A nice suggestion that your loved one will surely find interesting.

20. “What do the most handsome man on the planet, this perfect breakfast?” . Even if your loved one is having a difficult day, this message will surely make it better.

21. “Wake up my love.” Simple, simple and straightforward message that he will love.

22. “Good morning. Well, what color boxers will wear this morning? “ . Funny message that will make him laugh..

good morning love message for girlfriend

Every woman like every man wants to receive the affirmation as well as the affection of their partner. However, love and love appear in simple and everyday things such as a caress, a flower or a sweet message.

So we’ll look at the messages in this article in order to give you some ideas on sweet messages that you can send to your mate and impress him more than just a simple “good morning”:

1. “Honestly, my first thought when I woke up was how happy you make me.”

2.  “Your smile is my best!”.

3. “I look forward to seeing you so much.” 

4. “Make everything look better.” 

5. “I must have done something truly wonderful in my past life to deserve someone like you!”

6. “A simple reminder: You are great”.

7. “This world is very lucky to have you.” 

8. “I love you”.

9. “Whenever I’m with you, I feel 100% myself.” 

10. “Go conquer the world! I believe in you.”

11. “Can I get you some coffee? I’m on my way to school / work, but I’d love to take a break to see you. “

12. “You are the sweetest / sweetest. Just think about it! “. 

13. “I like it so much that it becomes ridiculous.”

14. “I would do everything for you.”

15. “Let’s be together now …”.

16. “I’m very grateful to meet you.”

17. “I saw a dream and I got up with a smile because you were in it.”

18. “I Love You.” 

19. “You are the best. Thanks for having me in my life. “

I hope I have provided you with several ideas to adapt to your own character and make your other half the happiest person in the world with just one message.

What to send her for “Good Morning” and make her melt, depending on her sign!

When you are in a relationship (or you intend to find yourself) ,  the message of the good morning is something like an unwritten law that if you break it, be prepared to forget about the girl.

You mean ‘weird’, you mean dumb and pointless detail? We women, however, when we do not see such a message on our cellphone every morning, we feel that things are probably not going so well between us!

However, we are not talking about a frivolous and laconic “Good Morning” but a “Good Morning” that will make us smile all the rest of the day and think about when we will see our boy and embrace him.

For your sake, I hope you know your girl’s zodiac sign, as my stars have revealed what this morning message will bring to her, depending on when she  was born:

♈️ Aries

Good morning! Have you arranged something later or are you free? I have a fantastic proposal for today!

Aries loves to constantly try new things while enjoying life to the fullest. Afraid of adventurous situations, always in a reasonable frame. However, what is really going to make Kriarina melt is to understand that you are in her mind and you know how to take initiative. Such a message will, therefore, excite her and look forward to meeting you for yet another ‘adventure’.

♉️ Taurus

Good morning! I spent the whole night humming your Instagram profile. You have incredible photos and you are truly beautiful!

The main characteristic of all Bulls is that it is a visual sign. So a Taurine is delighted with everything that stands out aesthetically and is thoughtful and impressive.

By extension, it wants to apply itself to its external appearance as well, so it deals so much with itself, sometimes reaching the limits of vanity. So there is nothing better than showing her that you truly appreciate the taste and aesthetics of her life.

♊️ Twin

Good morning! I am so stuck with you that last night I couldn’t stop thinking about you!

There is nothing more that makes a Didymina go crazy with you than showing her that you like her too, too much. However, do not overdo it and let her know that you are obsessed with her, because all you have to do is scare her and not see her again.

As Gemini adores melodramas and romantic statements, sending her such a message of good-bye will make her jump into the heavens from her joy. I know something I’m telling you. I’m a Gemini too!  ?

♋️ Cancer

Good morning my love! You make my life happy day by day with your being alone!

Okay, somewhat predictable, since we’re talking about Cancer; The most emotional sign of the cycle wants to feel safe and secure in his relationship. So reminding your girl how much you appreciate the fact that you have her in your life will make her feel desirable and safe and that way, she is sure to leave you with nothing left.

♌️ Leo

Good morning! Honestly you are so wonderful, that for hours I doubt if I deserve you!

A Lioness as a true queen wants to feel that her partner is her biggest admirer . So to arouse her interest, chase her as far as she can and show your “submission” to her superiority while acknowledging the effort she is making for your relationship.

So by showing her that you admire her and appreciate her and consider yourself inferior to her, since you can’t imagine how you managed to win such a wonderful person, you would put her down and get her done!

♍️ Virgo

Good morning! What could I do for you today?

Viruses are one of the zodiac signs that want to feel constantly useful. They love helping and caring for others, as well as finding solutions to family, friendliness and work issues. Because of this, they are enslaved when their partner is willing to support them in what they do.

So there is nothing that can make a Virgo happier than knowing that it can rely on you either by going for a cup of coffee or putting a hand in all that it has to do and consider important!

♎️ Libra

Good morning beautiful! You have such divine beauty that I have fallen in love with!

Libra is the most romantic zodiac sign in the circle, but also the most vain. So if you want to make a flattering comment on a Libra, try to put as many sauces as possible (to the point that you might be surprised at what you say) ! The more dramatic and beautiful your words are, the more you score in her mind and heart. Zygines want to be worshiped as true goddesses and, paradoxically, they are not ashamed to admit it and show it!

♏️ Scorpio

Good morning! Will you be able to find us today? You are the only person I want to see!

Scorpions need time and effort to feel comfortable and open to someone. So the best way to communicate to  Scorpion that he can be completely trusted and open to you is by showing her that you only have eyes for her. And how do you do that? By sending a good morning message that you are the first person to think about where you wake up and want to see in front of you!

♐️ Sagittarius

Good morning! I may still be drunk from our night out yesterday, but damn well spent with you!

A Sagittarius will not only appreciate the humor of an apt self-deprecating message, but he also wants to know that it is a great company for you and enjoy life with him. In addition, since the Sagittarius enjoys being entertained and renowned for their love of alcohol, a message that includes them all is ideal! Be sure to look at the screen for a few seconds laughing and full of happiness on her face.

♑️ Capricorn

 Good morning! Can I call you later? I love talking to you!

If there is a zodiac sign that talks and appreciates the gesture of a phone call, then surely this is Capricorn. So by sending her that you can’t wait to talk to, she ‘ll be dropping over the phone waiting for your name to ring and discussing everything she’s passionate about.

♒️ Aquarius

Good morning! I believe very much in you and in all that you offer to the world and to humanity. Have a wonderful day!

The most romantic thing you can say to an Aquarius and win it over at Chuck Bam is that not only is she successful in her field and her work, but she also manages to save and change the world. Aquarius are not as cruel and cold as they seem. Make them understand that you love everything they love and will love you even more (we are talking about a lot of love) !

The more you invest in her mind and her work, the more she invests in your relationship!

♓️ Pisces

Good morning! Last night I saw the most beautiful dream I’ve ever seen, with us two!

It is known that the “fish” of the zodiac, live in their own world, fairy tale and dreamy. Therefore, a Pisces will not fall in love with you because you see it even in your sleep, but because it loves dreams and everything that happens to them. If you let her look deep into your soul and interpret your dreams, she will make up in her mind a fairy tale that will be you and the other. And with such morning messages, get ready to live it!

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