Latest 501 Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Shayari Quotes

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Shayari Quotes
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Latest 501 Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Shayari Quotes:-  These happy birthday wishes and messages can readily be delivered via text to keep the friendship link active!

A best friend is someone who you share an extraordinary and exceptional bond.

When it’s your best friend’s birthday, then you’ll want to find the right words to wish them a happy birthday.


Happy birthday to my adventure partner. I hope the future is full of many other fun adventures to live together!


Thank you for accepting me for who I am and for always encouraging me to be the person I should be. Happy Birthday my friend!


Time changes many things, but the affection I feel for such a wonderfully special friend will never change. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday from a person who thinks of you, loves you and above all never forgets you. Happy birthday!


If I had to choose my best friend, I would have chosen you. Fortunately, life has given me this gift without any effort! I love you, happy birthday!


An extra candle is an extra year of our dear friendship. Happy birthday!


I don’t care about having many friends, just great friends. Comets! Happy Birthday my friend!


Happy birthday to the person who always says yes to my crazy ideas! My life wouldn’t be as fun without you!


If you were to be stuck on a desert island with one person, it would be you. Sure, you may not be a survival expert, but at least you could desperately try to avoid the funeral!


Sometimes it’s a mystery why we choose certain people to be our friends. But with you it’s obvious. You are a fantastic person. And I hope you have a fantastic birthday!


Today you will receive many happy birthday wishes. But who wishes you the best Happy Birthday Best Friend? Me. That’s who.


125 Happy Birthday Quotes for a Friend On Wishes and Success

it may be quite a challenge finding just the ideal words for somebody who means a lot to you.

So to assist you, we prepared this collection of motivational happy birthday quotes to discuss with your very best friend on their big day. We also have a beautiful collection of friendship quotes for any day of the year.


You have always been by my side yesterday and today, and I am convinced that you will also be there in my tomorrow. Happy birthday my friend. You are indeed a particular person to me.


A friend is someone who is always there at any time from the most beautiful to the ugliest. And you, I can write it; clearly, you’ve ever been there for me—happy birthday (name of friend).


Happy birthday to you, who have been and are a good friend to me. Thank you for always being there and for your friendship.


I was fortunate to have met you. Many immense wishes, and thanks for all the right moments that you made me live in your company.


Best wishes. I hope you can make your every dream and every wish come true. I wish you an amazing and fun day.


I wish you all kinds of happiness and success. To (friend name) always my friend and happy birthday.


My wish on your birthday is that you never stop believing in what you like and what you believe in. Above all, never stop dreaming.


Joy, peace, and serenity always accompany you in life. Happy birthday my friend.


How can you tell yourself you’re special? A few words would not be enough to express it. I wish you the best and everything your heart could wish for.
Best wishes!


Happy birthday to the best friend there is. You are more than a special person.


We hope that they’ll assist you and your friend have the best birthday celebration. Always be thankful for your friends, and this listing of gratitude quotes and smile quotes will help you with that.

Do not forget also to read our list of humorous birthday quotes that are guaranteed to make you grin.


One hundred, one thousand, millions of these days. Best wishes to a friend who I consider a brother.


Best wishes to all those who celebrate their birthday today, which can have an unforgettable day !!!


Forgive me if I use a social network to wish you well, but I am happy to express my joy like this: happy birthday!


Forgive me if I wish you this way, but I am happy to express my joy like this: happy birthday!


Happy birthday to all the best people ..! Yes, just because you deserve it, best wishes !!!!


I shot on the internet; I opened all my old greeting cards, I asked my sister … but then I concluded and finally I found what I could write to you: happy birthday! …… and remember to leave us a piece of cake!


Best wishes for every smile that will make you feel good, for every dream you want to achieve, for every hope that will warm your heart … Happy Birthday!


For your birthday I should give you a gift … instead, it is you who have long given me your affection! Happy Birthday!


Giving you the moon would be too difficult, giving you a star would be too complicated, I will give you my immense AFFECTION and my best HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES !!!


Happy birthday to one of my closest friends … did you notice that I didn’t write “older”? Best wishes.


Your friendship is one of how God manifests His love for me! Happy birthday.


This day is the gift that God has given you, and you are the gift that God has given to me! Happy birthday!


happy birthday wishes for friend

Which of those happy birthday quotations was your favorite?

Even though it can be hard to get the perfect words to say to a very best buddy on their special day, we all expect that the aforementioned happy birthday quotes and expressions have given you something to select from.

Did you enjoy these happy birthday quotes? Which of the quotes was your favorite? We would love to hear all about it from the comment section below.


You are older than you have been. But look on the bright side, you are younger now than you ever will be!


I hope your birthday is as sweet as cake. And the year to follow is as joyful as your friends bring!


May your birthday be incredibly fantastic, and your hangover will be mercifully small.


The more you live, the younger you become. Maybe that’s why you look so good for your age!


Be who you are, because who you are is fantastic. Happy Birthday Best Friend


Woohoo! Cake, alcohol, and parties! Oops … I mean … Happy Birthday Best Friend!


There is no way your birthday can be as happy as you do to me. But I hope it’s close!


Through thick and thin, you were always there for me. Just know that I will always be there for you when you need me.


There are friends and then there are the best friends, Happy Birthday Best Friend I could have asked for!


The best gift is the gift of friendship. So this is what I got you for your birthday! Don’t worry … I also gave you a gift.


birthday wishes for a friend who is not talking to you

When there had been a best friend’s award, you would win it every year, for there’s no friend better than you.

I’ll always be here for you; I’ll always look after you, and forever wish you the best.

They are sometimes as intimate or even closer than siblings, and they provide a type of exclusive companionship you won’t see in other sorts of relationships.

Your friend’s birthday is, therefore, indeed a cause for celebration. Written messages are part of creating the occasion as unique as possible.

It’s not always easy to say birthday wishes in phrases, nevertheless. Our heartfelt sentiments are tough to pin down to sentences. These messages can help.


It’s your birthday! Which means it’s a great excuse to make bad decisions, let’s celebrate!


Dear friend, I would not miss your party for anything in the world. Your birthday reminds me that it is a life that we have chosen as friends, and my best wish is that we can continue like this! Happy birthday!


I simply wish you always the best. I wish you what you most want. I wish you happiness. Happy birthday!


I would like to send a special greeting to a boy I have known for years now, together we have combined all the colors and together we are getting older … or rather, we are becoming less young. Happy Birthday!


I do not wish you a hundred of these days, but a thousand of these happy moments … and all before your next birthday! Best wishes!


I want to thank you for having listened to me consoled and recommended and I want to wish you a lot of wishes for your birthday.


Well, you’re not that much older … compared to yesterday it’s just one more day! Best wishes!


A birthday in the company, between relatives, friends and lots and lots of fun! Happy birthday my friend!


The date is special, but not because you are years old! No, it is special because you are special and because your birthday is an excellent reason for a wonderful party with your friends! Happy birthday!


Happy birthday and long life to the best friend you can have. Let’s raise the glasses and make a special toast for an exceptional person!


The most beautiful greeting phrases to write to your best friend

Whether you would like to express your wishes whimsically or sweetly, the subsequent birthday messages supply examples that you can use in cards, text messages, or different formats.

Don’t forget, after choosing a note to check the most fabulous creative tips for wanting your friend.


I hope the day will be unforgettable and the party memorable … like our friendship! Happy birthday!


This morning I felt strange, I felt like a bell ringing in my head but then I immediately remembered that today is your party, so happy birthday to my most sincere friend.


I wish you the most beautiful smile you will make today during your birthday party is the sign of the next twelve months!


You forget the games, you forget the troubles, but the friends like you, they never forget! Happy birthday!


Years go by but you don’t change at all, you’re always young. Oh, don’t forget that on my birthday I want to hear you say the same thing!


You are a very special person, and for everything you do for me, you deserve the phrase “happy birthday my friend!”.


Don’t celebrate the year that has passed, but this is about to begin! And I will celebrate it with you. Best wishes!


This day is dedicated to you: my special friend! You are a wonderful person and I always wish you all the best in life. Best wishes!


We spent many good moments together, but many others are waiting for us and I can’t wait to spend them by your side. Happy birthday!


Today is a special day, and not just because it’s your birthday. It is special because you are special, and you make everything beautiful. Many good wishes!


Every day you shine, but today you reign. Happy Birthday my friend!


birthday wishes for friend who is angry with me

The very best way to celebrate your friend on their birthday is to send them one of our best happy birthday wishes!

Friends are our closest allies and greatest fans in the game of life. When you’re happy, they laugh with you.

Whenever you’re sad, they cry with you.

When you drop down, you can count on a friend to pick you back up. Regardless of what happens in your own life or their own lives, you understand you will always be by each other’s sides.


Even if the years go by, you always remain the same wonderful person. Happy Birthday my friend!


The friends that count are the ones you can call at 4 in the morning.


Make a wish and blow out the candles … I wish you all your dreams come true soon. Best wishes!


Another year has passed. Take your dreams by the balls and make your life magic!


To the best of my friends, I wish the best of birthdays.


There are girlfriends and best friends. Happy birthday to the best friend I could have ever wished for!


If anyone who finds a friend finds a treasure, then I can consider myself the richest person in the universe. Happy birthday!


The most beautiful gift is the one you always give to me, allowing me to be your friend. Happy birthday!


The birthday party is a great excuse to make bad decisions. Happy birthday!


The birthday of a special someone like you cannot be forgotten, so I wish you many, best wishes and with all the best for the future. I love you!


birthday wishes for a friend who is far

Although you can tell your friends how much they mean to you on daily, everybody has one day annually, which allows you shower affection and appreciation on them.

Make every friend’s birthday that the best day of the year and the very best birthday they have ever had.


For each unlit candle, there is a flame lit in my heart. Best wishes!


A friend is one who knows everything about you and despite this he likes you.


Today is your birthday and as usual we would have spent this day together. Now we are far away and it won’t be possible … But I don’t want to sadden you at all for this day of celebration. Of course I can’t deny you that I miss you so much, but now celebrate and have fun. Happy birthday my friend.


Not even this distance can erase our relationship. When you moved I thought how I will do without him, without our crazy days lived together. Happy birthday my dear friend.


Happy birthday my friend. We are far away it is true, but you always remain an important point of reference for me. I can not wait to see you again.


There is no distance that can interrupt our friendship. I miss you so much you know it but it is not the right day to talk about these things. Have fun and celebrate! A big hug and best wishes!


I was thinking about what we would have done if we had been together today. We would have been together, we would have had our usual aperitif at the usual bar. Then we would take the bike and take our crazy tour of the city, waiting for the sunrise on the steps of the Duomo where we chatted and laughed about everything many times. Every corner of the city could talk about us because our voices echo everywhere. Finally we would have crossed the bridges over the river and here we would have waited for the new day. Now I can only dream and remember these moments. Know that for me you are a more than special person and I make you a world of good wishes! Happy birthday!


We chose ourselves as friends several years ago. We will continue to choose each other in the future. I love you. Happy birthday.


I’ve never been good at expressing my feelings, you know. Today, however, is your special day and I want to tell you that you are a special friend and I wouldn’t change you in the world at all. Best wishes!


I wish you the best and everything your heart desires. Best wishes!


Use these special days to tell your friends how much they mean to you and how thankful you are for the ways they’ve affected and changed your life.

As you plan the best birthday parties and gifts, be sure to add a happy birthday wishes that contain everything you need to say to your friend on their special day.


We have lived many experiences together and although we now have less time to be together you are for me the greatest friend I have ever had. Happy birthday old man!


It has been a long time since we met. Together we did a thousand crazy things. I wish you the best there can be. Happy Birthday my friend.


Few special people meet in life and you are one of them. Happy birthday my dear friend.


My wish is not just for your birthday today. My wish goes on forever. That you are always happy for the rest of your life.


It might seem trivial to say that you are a special person. Yet this adjective, widely used, best expresses your value as a person. Many many good wishes my friend.


Difficult if not impossible to meet a person like you. Happy Birthday my friend. You are very important to me never forget it.


We have always been there for each other. Today more than giving you items I want to entrust you with my thoughts to tell you how important you are to me. You are a brave, strong and loyal friend. You are a true friend of those you rarely meet. I offer you my warmest wishes.


You are among the very few people in the world who know me deeply. You know I’m a person of few words. But today I feel I have to tell you that you are the best friend in the world. Happy birthday my dear friend.


Years have passed since we met. If I had to take stock of our friendship I can say that it is completely positive. I consider you a special friend, one of those who bring you for a lifetime. Happy birthday and happy birthday!


A special wish to a truly special person like you! There are very few friends like you. Best wishes!


I would like to find special words to wish a special someone like you. But words are probably not enough to express everything you are. Happy birthday my friend, I hope you can spend it in the best way.


how to thanks friend for birthday wishes

Whether you’ve known them for a day or a decade, your buddies are a few of the most significant people in your life.

As you celebrate the years of their lives on their birthdays, be sure to inform them how grateful you are for their friendship and support.


I wish you to fulfill your every wish. Happy birthday my dear friend.


Best friends are friends who keep your embarrassing secrets secret. Thank you for always keeping my less than proud moments under close control.


Hey it’s your birthday and I just wanted to let you know that you will never have to face a problem on your own. I may not be able to solve every problem, but I will always be here for you when you need me.


When I think back to all the things we’ve been through, I’m so grateful that I got to deal with everything with you by my side. Happy Birthday Best Friend who never let me go alone.


Hey you! It’s your birthday! Cake! Candles! Drinks! Presents! Other drinks! Can you say I’m excited?


I like it when it’s your birthday, because it means we have a good excuse to go out and have fun! Let’s go celebrate!


You will never have to walk the world alone. As long as my heart beats, you will have me.


As long as I have a sofa, I will have a sofa to crash on. Whatever happens. You will always have a place if you need it.


What is a friend? You. You are a friend. You are my best friend. The best friend is birthday. Happy birthday.


Birthdays are a particular day of the year, so make this a celebration your friends will always recall with fondness and pleasure.

To celebrate your next holiday or birthday party, make sure you see our website for more articles with our very best wishes for any occasion!


Happy birthday to my best friend. I hope it is full of wonders!


Perfect birthday? Good food, great drinks, great friends and many birthday gifts and greetings!


It’s your day! But leave it in the capable hands of your best friends. We will treat you well!


If your birthday is half as surprising as you are, it will be epic. Happy birthday to the best friend that a person could ask for!


I hope you have a very mourning birthday. Full of beers and cheers!


Best friends are like farts. Some are silent. Some are noisy. They embarrass you in public. They make you feel good. And they make you laugh.


For your birthday I took you hugs, kisses and birthday greetings! Plus, dinner is on me!


Sure, you’re one year older, but we still have many years of imitations. When we are at the home of the old we will continue to cause problems!


How old are you?! Nah, you don’t look like an incredible day.


Birthdays are like your personal Christmas! Happy birthday to my best friend!


birthday wishes for best friend girl

Sending birthday greetings is now a necessary tradition these days. It can be tough to get the perfect birthday wish for the special birthday boy or woman especially, with so many options.

Do not stress out over what to write in a birthday card.

Make the next birthday you celebrate a particular one and customize your birthday invitations with a handpicked happy birthday quotation.

Whether you’re trying to find a greeting to earn someone roll over a heart-warming tearjerker, these birthday quotes are a great place to start.

A genuine birthday wish will undoubtedly make anyone’s day. This year, say”Happy Birthday!” With a few words that no one will forget.


You are not getting old. You are earning XP. And it’s not a birthday party. It’s a level party!


My best friend is sweeter than the cake, more colorful than confetti and hotter than a candle. And it’s his birthday. Happy birthday!


When I first met you, I had no idea how important you would be to me. Happy birthday to my best friend in the world.


Best friends are like gifts. You are always happy to see them. Happy birthday to the best gift that life has given me.


You are not just my best friend. You are my sister. You may not have been born my sister, but we are a family and we will always be a family.


It’s not the number of friends. It is the quality of them. Thanks for being the best of the best. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Life is too short to spend it with people you don’t love. That’s why I go out with you so much. Happy birthday!


It’s your birthday, but let’s not focus on the number of years gone by. We look forward to the years to come! I am thinking of having a lot of fun in the next few years with my best friend!


It’s your birthday. You can dance if you want. You can leave your worries behind. And if you need a dance partner, count on me!


You are intelligent, caring, fun and a joy to be around. You remind me of myself! Happy birthday!


Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends

When somebody near and dear to your own heart turns another year older, you’ll want to do whatever you can to make their day extra memorable. Whether you are throwing a birthday part


Forget your age and live the life your inner child wants to live!


As Chili Davis said: aging is mandatory; growing up is optional. Happy birthday to my best friend , I hope you never grow up!


For your birthday, I just wanted to let you know that you are a fantastic friend. Every life you touch, you do better.


Hey! It’s your birthday. Which means it’s time to wear that crown. Today you are a queen and we are your loyal subjects. What trouble would your majesty want to enter?


Most of my best memories are in them. Thanks for being a great friend and walking beside me on this journey called life.


Today is your birthday. It’s the day we celebrate how incredibly fantastic you are!


Soooo I forgot, which of us should be the bad influence? It doesn’t matter. It’s your birthday. We can be both!


You have been my personal leader, my therapist and my voice of reason. But above all, you are my best friend. Happy birthday. You are fantastic!


I love having someone in my life who doesn’t have to be an adult around. Thanks so much for bringing the baby inside me. Hope you have a joyful birthday!


I don’t know what I would do without a great friend like you. Happy birthday to my best friend!


A best friend is someone who makes you feel comfortable with who you really are. Thanks for putting up with my madness all these years!


To my best friend, I wish you all the happiness in the world in the coming year. I hope your birthday is the best and the next day it’s even better.


Going out with you is always fun and even more for your birthday! So, let’s go out and make your birthday special!


Since it’s your birthday, I just wanted to let you know, you’re my best friend. The best friend I’ve ever had. I am so happy that you have entered my life.


When we go out, it’s as if the world is a little brighter. Thanks for making my world better. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.


For my best friend, I wish you the best birthday ever!


This time I will wish you a happy birthday by giving you a strong and heartfelt hug just like our friendship.


The gift is small but the friendship is great, the anniversary is obvious but the party is not: you will see what a surprise when the first water balloon hits you! Happy birthday!


The years go by, we get bigger and bigger, the stories, the groups, the loves change, but the old friends will never change … Auguroni.
happy birthday friends


Every age has its pleasures, on this day savor those present. Happy birthday for the friendship that binds us!


Don’t add birthdays to life, add life to birthdays – for example today! Best wishes, my friend!


Don’t complain too much, after all you have more friends than candles on the cake! Best wishes!


I know you don’t want to celebrate your birthdays. But you won’t mind if your friends uncork a bottle of your health with you, right? No wishes, all right: but know that we love you!


On your birthday you would like to do many things? … you do it, we won’t tell anyone. Best wishes!


The day is special, the birthday is special, the cake is exceptional, so you will forgive me if the wishes are so-so … but they are sincere: happy birthday!


The most sincere birthday greetings to a special person who certainly was not born yesterday … come on, at the top of the glasses and best wishes from your truest friends!


If you are friends forever, what do you want another birthday to be ?! Best wishes!


Friends of a lifetime wish a very special person to spend a birthday to remember and that for 24 hours you will have to celebrate!


Let’s not celebrate the fact that another one of your years has passed: let’s celebrate you! We give you our gifts, but you make us the most beautiful of gifts: yourself! Best wishes!


I do my best wishes for a happy birthday to my best friend and that in life, of happiness, can raid!


Time is running out, but who said we should chase it? Let’s eat the cake, uncork the bottle, unwrap the gift and live your birthday together today! Best wishes!


There are always many birthdays but that of my friend of the heart I put it in front of everyone! Happy birthday wishes darling!


But how, has another year already passed? … So, happy birthday, my friend!


I have many friends but you are the most important, so you deserve an even bigger gift. Happy birthday my little star


You have always been my best friend … and you will remain so throughout this year! Happy birthday!


What have you been doing all these years? You met a friend like me, it was worth it! Best wishes!


Birthday is the right day to party, spend time with friends, and receive gifts! Today this luck is up to you: happy birthday!


From the warmest corner of my heart, where our special and infinite friendship is placed, my best and affectionate best wishes arrive.


Years go by, but you always stay the same. And that’s exactly how I want you. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday my friend! Make a wish and blow hard, I will always be here to help you achieve the most beautiful dreams. I love you!


I love this day because so we have an excellent excuse to go out and have fun. Happy Birthday my friend!


For your birthday I bring you kisses, hugs and many affectionate wishes. I wish you another hundred of these days!


The years go by, but you only show the best ones. Happy Birthday my friend!


You are not getting old, you are only becoming more experienced. And this is not a simple birthday, it is a career advancement!


I wish you never to look back, and to find happiness in every new day. Happy birthday my friend!


I can never forget our endless adventures. After all this time, know that I still love you so much. Happy birthday!


For your birthday I would like all your dreams to come true … especially tall, blond and muscular ones! Happy birthday!


Your birthday is a special day for me, because I can celebrate the fact that you are here to always make me a better person. A thousand of these days!


Life is too short to spend it with people you don’t like. That’s why I go out with you so much. Happy birthday!


It’s your birthday, but let’s not focus on the number of years that have passed. We look forward to the years ahead. I wish you to enjoy them to the full!


I wish you love, luck and laughter. For today, tomorrow and forever. Happy birthday!


May this day be unforgettable and the party memorable … just like our friendship! Happy birthday!


Every person should have a friend like you next! Happy birthday!


The years may go by, but you remain the only friend by whom I always feel young. Best wishes!


A true friend understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you as you are. I am happy to be for you. Happy birthday!


God gives us relatives; thank God our friends choose them.


Birthday is the way nature tells us: “Today you can eat all the cake you want!”. Get Them!


What to say? For me you always remain the best friend in the world. Happy birthday!


May this special day be sweet and spicy just like you, my friend!


You know all about me and still want to be my best friend … you are a deeply disturbed woman. You know, don’t you? Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to my fantastic, beautiful and fabulous best friend!


Aging is mandatory, growing is optional. I wish you to always remain as you are. Happy Birthday my friend!


This year I want to give you some happiness. Know that when you need it I will always be there, ready to support you and tear you a smile. Happy birthday!


There are few things in life that make you truly happy and one of them is our friendship. Happy birthday my sweet friend!


To you that time has never worn out! To you that time has never changed. To you that time has kept the same over time. Happy birthday!


Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.


Today is a special day: it is what gave the world a wonderful person and an exceptional friend to me. Best wishes!


May you continue to bring out the best in life! One-hundred of these days!


Each year brings a little more wisdom, and you are the wisest friend I have … Happy birthday!


Everything you touch makes it better. Happy birthday to my most magical friend of all!


Most of my best memories are with you. Thank you for being such a great friend and for walking next to me on this journey called life. Happy birthday!


Today is the day we celebrate when you are exceptionally fantastic. Happy Birthday my friend!


We spent so many together that I don’t even remember them all. I wish you my best wishes for a happy birthday!


The dates of birth of the real friends are special days because they remind us how lucky we were to meet them. Happy Birthday!


However rare true love is, true friendship is even rarer.


It’s your birthday, let’s do something stupid together!


I don’t know how you put up with me, but I’m so glad you do it. Happy Birthday my friend!


Your happiness and your smile are my joy and today I want to see you happy more than ever. Happy Birthday!


We age every day leaving our friendship immortal. Happy birthday!


Also this year we celebrate together your goal that makes you wiser and more beautiful. Happy birthday!


A friend accepts you for who you really are. Thanks for putting up with my madness all these years. I wish you a fantastic birthday!


I hope this birthday is a springboard towards a year full of happiness. Best wishes!


A special friend like you deserves my best wishes not only today, but every day of the year. Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!


You are the best friend I could ever meet. I wish you everything you are looking for. Happy Birthday!


Some go to the priests. Others turn to poetry. Me to my friends.


Today is a special day, a day that I could never forget. Happy Birthday my friend! I wish you the best in life.


Today is your birthday and what I can wish you is a happiness that can accompany you in life, peace of soul and serenity in relationships with others. My wish is to always see you joyful. Best wishes my friend.


According to an ancient Chinese proverb we must add life to the years and not the years to life. This means that it is not so much the years that make the difference but how we have lived our existence. Always live every single moment and don’t miss anything. Happy birthday!


Tempus fugit said the Latins. The years pass my friend and time flies away. Enjoy every single moment starting from this day. Happy birthday my dear friend.


A person like you deserves to be celebrated every day and not just today. There is no person in the world like you, such a special friend. Best wishes!


There were moments of confrontation you know. However, they have been opportunities to clarify and become more united than before. What to say then? For me you have been, you are and you will continue to be a dear friend. I will never stop loving you and supporting us in everything. On this day I wish you the best. May you satisfy your every wish. Happy Birthday my friend.


It wasn’t always between us roses and flowers. There have been ups and downs, but I believe that true friendship is also made of this. In the end, everything has always passed and our relationship has always come out stronger. Happy birthday my dear friend. A thousand and more of these days to live together, in friendship.


Friendship is one of the most beautiful things that can bring men together. Friendship means sharing, support and fun. You who have been this and more to me are not only a friend, but a brother, the one I have not had. Many and affectionate wishes.


Hey, best friend. It’s your birthday. And you must know that you rock. Thanks for being awesome.


Whenever you feel down or just think you can’t do something, just imagine giving yourself a gigantic high fifth with a ridiculous look on my face. This should help. In the meantime, however, Happy Birthday Best Friend!


Best friends have to walk a fine line between stopping their friend from making big wrong decisions and encouraging them to make small bad decisions which are a lot of fun. And nobody does it better than my accomplice.


Friends are like a family we can choose. I’m glad I made a good choice!


Happy Birthday Best Friend of adventure. I hope next year is full of more fun adventures together!


Friendships are like trees. You have to water them to grow them. So, let’s order a drink!


You will be my best friend forever! …… Because you already know too much.


Here are all the internal lines, all the stupid things we did together, all the memories we shared. That the years to come fill up with many others.


I probably wouldn’t fight a tiger for you or a lion. But I would definitely say a cat that is giving you the stinky eye! Happy birthday to my friend so I would like to do almost everything.


Thank you for accepting me for who I am and for always encouraging me to be the person I should be.


Thanks for being weird with me. You are the best!


If you ever kill someone, call me first. I will help you get rid of the body. This is your birthday present my friend, a free body disposal. The second time it happens, I will have to charge.


There are many people who know many of my stories. But you were there to help me create all those great stories!


Happy birthday to my best friend. We are getting older, but we are still having fun. In fact, we will probably live up to the same shenanigans when we are in an old people home together!


The weather can change a lot but it will never change as much as I worry about you, my best friend.


Happy Birthday Best Friend and half day therapist Thank you for always listening to my problems and trying to help you!


Hey, you’re weird. But it’s also good because I’m strange. I am so happy that we become strange together.


Your problems are my problems. And I celebrate your successes as if they were mine. I’ve always turned my back on you No matter what.


Thanks for always helping me live life to the fullest. I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you!


I don’t care about having many friends. I am interested in having great friends. Comets!


I saw you at your best and I saw you at the darkest. And I still think you’re one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met.


I have had many half-auction friends in my life. That’s why I’m so happy that I found a whole friend!


Happy birthday to the person who always says yes to my crazy ideas! My life wouldn’t be so fun without my best friend!


I have many friends who make me laugh, but only you make me laugh so hard that I snort. I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend. I hope your birthday is fun like you!


Thanks for always being there to save me from my stupid mistakes. I almost feel bad how many times you saved me. But why are you so thoughtful, you make as many stupid mistakes as I do so I can cheer you up and not have to feel bad!


Hey, I just wanted you to know that every time you have a crazy idea, my only question will be, “What time?”


You make the most boring activities fun, you make the most serious situations fun, you make my world a better place.


My best friend has the most fantastic, wonderful, humble and all around only the best fantastic friend! Happy Birthday Best Friend from your best friend!


For your birthday, here is my promise to you. If you scream Marco and I are within earshot, I will always scream Polo. Because that’s what best friends do.


As long as you are my friend, you will never have to do stupid things alone. I wish you a beautiful birthday and if you do something ridiculous I will be right next to you doing the same thing.


I know I’m not always a perfect friend. But I will always be a loyal friend. I hope your birthday is as fantastic as you are.


Every time we go around I feel like I’m at home. Thanks for being such an amazing friend all these years.


When we became friends, you didn’t know what you were getting into. But now that we’re best friends you stayed with me. Mwhahahaha … I mean Happy Birthday Best Friend!


Of course, no one else finds our antics funny. But we do it and that’s what’s important! Happy birthday to my crime partner.


Life is a road and I am happy to have you next to me on the journey. Through the dense and the thin, we arrive together at our destination.


It’s your birthday. Let’s do something stupid together.


I would follow you to hell and back. But after I’m done, I can plan the next trip. Happy birthday to my best and craziest friend.


Having a lot of friends is great, but life wouldn’t be the same without a best friend to share everything with. Thanks for being such an amazing friend.


If they made a film about our friendship, I’m not sure anyone would watch it. But it would be my new favorite movie. Happy birthday to my best friend, you will always be a movie star in my eyes!


No matter how long we are apart, when we get back together it’s always like the old days.


I don’t know how you put up with me, but I’m so glad you do it!


When things go wrong, let me know that I will try to improve them. When things are going great, let me know that I will celebrate with you. In the middle of the night or in the middle of the day, I will always be there for you.


It’s my best friends birthday! Let’s make some funny mistakes!


I like how we end each other … So for your birthday I just want to say …


If I decided to become a hermit and live in the middle of nowhere, I would visit you anyway. Probably not often, but I would come, and bring alcohol.


Friends are the people who do all the strange things you thought nobody else did. Thanks for being weird like me. Happy Birthday Best Friend!


It is difficult to shop for a birthday present for someone who has it all. I mean you already have everyone’s best gift, a great best friend!


We are different in many ways, but that’s what makes us such good friends. The pieces of the puzzle must be different to fit together! Happy birthday to my favorite corner.


When it comes to friends, as Al Capone said, it’s better to have four quarters of a hundred cents. Happy Birthday Best Friend to my favorite neighborhood!


If I could vote for friends, I would only give you 1 star. That way I could have you all to myself! Happy Birthday Best Friend that you are allowed to have.


Great friends are like jeans. When you find one that fits perfectly, keep them forever. Happy Birthday Best Friend, I hope I never get tired of you!


Friends come and go, but best friends are the ones who hang around. I can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!


To my best friend, I hope for all the fun and happiness you could ask for on your birthday and for the days to come!


I know it was difficult last year. But I’m sure next year will still be your best! Happy Birthday Best Friend, this is the year when everything will be fine, I feel it!


My best friend deserves the best birthday. But I don’t have the funds for the best birthday ever, but know that you deserve it!


Did you know that in some countries it is customary for the person having the birthday to pay for all drinks? Luckily you don’t live there. Drinks are on me tonight!


Happy birthday to my fantastic, funny, hilarious, best friend. There is no one else I would prefer to spend the day with!


Hey, thanks for stopping by. You are one of a kind and my best friend. Happy Birthday Best Friend and continues to be fantastic.


Warning, this is a message from the best friend relay service. It’s your birthday. Hurray. Thanks for the attention. Now you can continue to be your fantastic self.


Well, a year older. The years fly by. There are so many things we have done and seen. Time seems to slip away, but some of the best times have been spent with you.


You have been such a wonderful friend. I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you! Happy Birthday Best Friend, I hope your birthday is as fantastic as you are!


Best friends are there in the good times and bad times. Through the sun and storms. Best friends like you make the bad time tolerable and even better!


Friends are like trees, the older they get, the more beautiful they are!


It’s wonderful to have a great friend to grow old with. And let’s face it, the older we get, the better!


It’s your birthday, now you can enjoy the glow of all those candles on your cake!


Happy birthday to a friend, I can always count on how I like all my photos and posts. Thanks for always making me look cooler than me!


My dear friend, I hope that all your wishes come true on your birthday.


When I am with you, I enjoy more than when I am with anyone else!


Whether we are out causing trouble or just relaxing on the sofa in our pajamas, we always have fun. So I know we will have fun on your birthday!


Hey beasts, sometimes you need to remember how good you are. Happy birthday to my fantastic best friend!


We are so loud when we go out and we have to bore everyone around us, but I wouldn’t do it any other way!


Happy birthday to my brother from another mother!


Best friends are like chips and salsa, syrup and pancakes, cake and icing, they work so well together and they are not the same without each other! Now let’s enjoy some of that cake and icing!


Why are you my friend? It’s not a thing, it’s the thousands of little things you do. These are the hundreds of internal jokes. They are road trips. It’s the late night talk. It is you who are you.


Friendship. F is for fun. R is really fun. I’m for ummm, I don’t know. Forget it, let’s go have a drink and enjoy your birthday!


Happy birthday to my best friend. You are better than a majestic chocolate statue of a unicorn. It is so extraordinary.


Even when we don’t do anything together, I still have a wonderful time. I love. Happy birthday to the best friend I’ve ever had.


Thank you so much for being there every time I need you, no matter what. You are a true friend. And to my best friends, I want to wish you the happiest birthday. And I think next year will be your best!


Happy birthday! If someone messes you up on your special day, let me know. I’ll punch them right in their stupid face. Just one of the many benefits of having a fantastic best friend like me!


If you fall, I will be there to recover you. Soon after I stop laughing. Happy birthday!


I hope your birthday is so extraordinary that you never forget it or that it is so extraordinary that you can’t remember it. Anyway, happy birthday!


It’s your birthday! I would say that we go out amused and behaved like idiots. But that’s what we do every time we see each other! Here is the best great friend that has ever been.


For your birthday, I just wanted to remind you that I’m always here if you need me. The weekend or a day of the week, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you call at 4, I will take it. Here you are beasts, I hope your special day is fantastic!


As your best friend, it’s my job to embarrass you. But it’s your birthday, so I’ll give you a break … until 12:00.


Happy Birthday Best Friend in the world. And since I’m not close to aliens or astronauts, I believe you are my best friend in the whole universe!


I don’t have to tell you how awesome you are or how great a friend you are. But it’s your birthday, so I’ll do it. You are the best!


Another year has passed and you haven’t changed one iota. Please always stay as you are, because you are special. Happy birthday!


So, as you know, I’m not exactly rolling in cash. So your gift is not the best. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re the best. Six! I can’t afford the birthday present you deserve.


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